Welcome everyone to the new Silver Towers website! Along with the recent update to the server I have pushed this new design!



I decided to do this for many reasons but a few of the major ones are these:


  • This site allows me to post new announcements in such a way that they are more visible.
  • Announcements and updates are now separated from the forums where posts are of a more social nature.
  • While being separate people can still post comments about the biggest changes and posts about the server.
  • More visibility in what our servers and communities offers.
  • I have no life.
  • This design is freakin’ sweet.

Accounts on the main site and forum accounts are automatically linked you should be logged as soon as you visit this page.That being said enjoy the new site and update!


Here is what is new on the server with 1.4.2:




Special Notes:

Wither is disabled in creative.

Wither does no block damage.

Command Blocks are disabled and considered illegal to use.

Report bugs on the forums!

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