This is just a short announcement to keep you guys in the loop about whats happening behind the scenes for the servers. We’ll be hitting some big topics in this post about the questions and information most important to the players right now.

1.5 Update:

The 1.5 “Redstone Update” is due out this week. Let me first say that the server will update to 1.5 the DAY of the update, however; the  some new features and items will not be available until we have fully tested them out. This is a win-win for staff and players as there will be zero downtime for the update and the staff can make sure the server is stable and secure before offering the all new goodies. We are preparing the server for the big switch over, and have the testing server fired up. Before we release the new items on the server two requirements have to be met:

1. Our security and anticheat plugins must be functional.

2. World protection and grief rollback must be online.

As soon as this happens will we quickly add the all new items and make the annoucement of 1.5’s full arrival.

Skyblock World:

The main server has gained a new map in the form of skyblock world! Enjoy the freedom of our own private skyblock island to build on and complete challeneges. Not a loner? Invite your friends to your island and start knocking out the challenges! Want to start right away? Log into the server and use the command/island to begin building!

All islands are protected automatically by world-guard regions. If you wish to invite friends be sure to see the /island help command for more info on adding friends. Don’t forget to check out the SkyBlock challenges! Use /challenge while on your island to begin competing for the top ranked island!

PvP Poll:

We are currently starting a poll for the community to decide if PvP should be enabled in all worlds again. If you have an opinion be sure to check out the poll to cast your vote and to let your opinions be heard. You can find more info about the PvP change in the forums here:

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