Hello Silver Towers Community Members,


We are very excited to announce that Silver Towers will be undergoing a variety of changes along with the release of 1.7 for MineCraft. As you may already be aware, 1.7 brings several new features to the game including, but not limited to, Stained Glass, New Biomes, and a Better World Generator, just to name a few. These are some pretty major changes to the game, and we have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to shake things up and announce the all new Silver Towers MineCraft experience!

We have been working on these changes for months now in order to provide the best gameplay experience we can, as well as address as many player reported issues and complaints as possible. Along with the addition of some very exciting new plugins and features, we feel that whether you are a Silver Towers Veteran who has been with us from the start, or if you are new to our community, that you will fall in love with the new gameplay and experience.

Over the next few weeks (along with the release of 1.7, currently scheduled for tomorrow, Friday October 25), we will be implementing these massive changes and we invite everyone to come back to Silver Towers, bring your friends, and help us make the New Silver Towers MineCraft Experience the best that it possibly can be. Look below for a list of some of the major changes slated for the 1.7 release.

We look forward to your return to the Silver Towers Gaming Community and hope you enjoy the new changes and features as much as we do.


World Changes:

We have received numerous complaints regarding the quantity of worlds available in the MineCraft Server. Many people have claimed that it is difficult to play with other people and to PvP when everyone is split amongst several different worlds. Plus, even if you are in the same world as someone, the world is so massive that it is impossible to find anyone without the help of the live map.

We addressed this concern by removing almost all of the current worlds available in the MineCraft Server. But, we didn’t want to permanently remove them. These worlds will be available on a separate server (The Archive Server). You will be able to continue your builds on that server, completely separate from the Main Server.

On the Main Server, we intend to keep things smaller. We will create a Survival Map and a Factions Map (Plus Nether and End). In addition, we will be maintaining the existing Creative Map as well as SkyBlock and HungerGames. These will be the only maps available on the Main Server, and we will also be limiting the size of the Survival and Factions World with a World Border, this world border will start small, and slowly expand as needed. Not only will this keep players closer together, it will also allow us to expand the borders when new blocks and biomes are created, eliminating the need to create additional Survival Worlds.

Archive Server:

As previously mentioned, all the old worlds which are being removed from the Main Server will be moved to the Archive Server. The Archive Server will have limited plugins and will not be as closely monitored as the Main Server. In addition there will be a whitelist for this server. You will be automatically added to the whitelist for the Archive Server if you meet the following criteria.

  •    You started playing on the MineCraft Server BEFORE October 25, 2013.
  •    You have never been banned from the Silver Towers MineCraft Server.

If you do not meet those requirements, exceptions can be made for certain situations … but those will be very rare.

Protection Changes:

Staff will no longer be protecting player builds. Survival World has a protection plugin that allows players to protect their own builds, for a cost. Not only will this create a need for money (which will greatly influence the economy), but it will also encourage PvP and Looting. So you will want to ensure that your goodies are protected.


All Admin Shops will be limited to buying ONLY. You will no longer be able to sell to an admin shop. In addition, the entire economy will be player run. You will be able to setup Shops to sell your items to other players, these shops are 100% managed by the players, with very little intervention from staff.


In case you were not already aware, PvP has returned to the MineCraft Server. PvP will remain ON in all worlds (PvP Rules and Restrictions Apply), the Survival Protection Plugin also has some good PvP benefits to help facilitate and balance PvP.

Donator Perks:

Donator Perks will be changing fairly significantly. If you are a current donator, you can expect your donator perks to change (especially in the higher brackets); if you are not yet a donator, you can expect to see some real compelling advantages to donating or donating more. As a note, all donations directly go towards the servers operating costs and hosting costs. NONE of the money from donations goes into anyone’s pockets.

As part of these changes, we had to remove some donator perks which would be overly powerful after 1.7, and some other perks had to be limited. However, we believe we more than made up for the loss.


Yes, we are bringing back Factions. Factions will have its own dedicated world separate from Survival World. We believe with the world changes, that this will be a very valuable gameplay experience and we are very excited about it.


Quests are coming to the Factions World. Don’t expect this right away, but it will be added shortly after the 1.7 update.

And More!:

That isn’t all! There will be other additional features and gameplay options available in the Main Server after 1.7. Most of these are still being tested, so we cannot quite tell you about them yet, but they will be very exciting, we promise!


Mojang has changed more then 500,000 (Half a million!) lines of code. These changes mean that it could take several days until a development version is available and we will be unable to update until that happens. We will be sure to let players know as soon as we update. Until then we have setup a vanilla test server @ server.silverknightgaming.net:25566. These test server maps will NOT be saved!


Biomes Demo Video!:

[framed_video column=”full-width”]http://youtu.be/lwj6WChRnBc[/framed_video]


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