There has been a lot of changes to the MineCraft server in the past months and years, some of those changes worked out great and some not so much. We are starting to notice that some of our additions are getting a lot of attention and others could use some work, so we will be making changes to some of these systems to make them more desirable and ultimately better overall. Some of these systems are getting completely overhauled and some of these are just getting some minor changes and additions. Detailed information regarding these changes can be found below


Build Contests

Build contests were a great addition at the start, but lately they are getting less and less interest from players. In addition, we are seeing several people that start building something and then never finish. The end result of all this is that there are a lot of empty plots in contest world and also a lot of unfinished plots once the end of the contest rolls around.We want build contests to remain a good feature that attracts the attention of players everywhere, so we will be making the following changes.


1. Once you have started your contest build, you may not go to any other world until it is marked finished. This will prevent players from starting a sweet build and then abandoning it for 3 weeks.

2. A staff member will monitor your progress on your build at all times to ensure that your attention does not deviate from your current build. The staff member will issue punishments for any of the following actions if they divert attention away from your build: Talking in chat, leaving your plot, looking at other player’s plots, alt tabbing, listening to music, watching videos, doing chores, going afk, helping another player, walking your dog, feeding your pets, answering the phone, calling a friend, polling the audience, using your 50/50, taking too long to lock in your “Final Answer”, building using iron blocks or cobblestone, making something U_b_e_r wouldnt approve of, disgracing the house of SiIver_Knght, raising CaRnaGe’s anxiety levels too high or giving him a headache, eating food (either in game or in real life), sleeping (either in game or in real life), not worshiping the order of the spleen, using a lack of colors in PeachyKehn’s presence, thinking outside the box, playing it safe, lack of creativity, too much creativity, making your porridge too hot or too cold, not building high enough, lack of proper structural integrity, not utilizing union workers, and failure to procure the necessary permits.

3. All players will be required to build something for the build contest, at the start of a contest, all players will be teleported to the contest world and will be unable to leave for at least 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks, any players who have finished their builds will be allowed back into other worlds to resume normal gameplay.


We believe that after implementing these changes, Build Contests will be a lot more productive and will have a lot more participation. This will make the build contests a good addition to our already stellar gameplay experience. Anyone who disagree’s will be banned from the server to help keep our approval rating at the necessary levels. Dirtyarm will be dispatched to take care of any troublemakers that threaten the system or our approval levels. In addition Dirtyarm has been authorized to use any means necessary to keep the peace, including brain washing as well as physical/mental abuse.


Rank System

The ranking system has been a great addition to the server and players seem to be enjoying it, so we dont feel we need to make any significant changes to this system. There will be some minor changes to this system along with 5 new ranks (11 – 15). The details on these changes are below.


Rank Names

We have gotten a lot of feedback regarding the names of some of the ranks. Players have commented that the ranks are not fitting of the level in which you are currently at in the ranking system. As such we will be renaming all of the ranks to the following

Rank 1 – Shitbox

Rank 2 – Scumbag

Rank 3 – Dirtyarm’s Bitch

Rank 4 – Menial Slave

Rank 5 – Utter Garbage

Rank 6 – Still Dirtyarm’s Bitch

Rank 7 – Worthless Peon

Rank 8 – Cry Baby

Rank 9 – Idiot

Rank 10 – Dirtyarm’s Personal Slave


These new rank names should be a lot more fitting and more indicative of the level in which you are currently at. In addition, the following ranks will be added.

Rank 11 ($250,000) – Faithful Follower

14 Homes

6000 Bonus Grief Prevention Blocks

Wolf pets can attack letter carriers and ocelot pets can scratch furniture


Rank 12 ($500,000) – Underling

15 Homes

6500 Bonus Grief Prevention Blocks

Dirtybrine no longer sneaks up behind you and attacks you


Rank 13 ($1,000,000) – Minor Pest

16 Homes

7000 Bonus Greif Prevention Blocks

Dirtybrine doesnt give a fuck what your rank is and continues attacking you

You will be given an [Assistant] Staff Position


Rank 14 ($2,000,000) – Trusted, Kinda

17 Homes

7500 Bonus Grief Prevention Blocks

You are promoted to [Mod]

WorldEdit Access

You can spawn multiple pets at one time (Up to 20 at once)


Rank 15 ($5,000,000) – BAMF

18 Homes

Maxed out Grief Prevention Blocks

Unlimited free LWC Locks

Promoted to [Admin]

OP Access

All your pets can maul a targeted person (All 20 pets can attack simultaneously)

You will be given $100,000,000,000

Mobs will kill themselves as you walk by

Skeletons who shoot arrows at you will get shot in the eye with their own arrow (They will shoot their eye out kid!)

Dirtyarm will give you a high five before he murders you

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