Greetings! You might have noticed the server has been light on staff lately. This is due to alpha testing Silver Tower’s brand new Feed the Beast(FTB) server! This server has been packed full of some of the most extensive and feature rich mods available to Minecraft. Here is a full list!




  • NEI
  • Rei’s Minimap
  • Advanced Machines
  • Buildcraft
  • Computer Craft
  • ExtraBiomes XL
  • Factorization
  • Forestry
  • Gregtech
  • Industrial Craft
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Iron Chests
  • Twilight Forest
  • Advanced Solar Panels
  • GraviSuite
  • Modular Forcefield System
  • Mystcraft
  • Railcraft
  • Thermal Expansion

Down to the details:

First off, this is a BETA event. The map will NOT be saved after the beta is over, this beta is to allow our community to experiment with this mod pack before the server goes live.

While this is still a beta you are expected to follow the rules:

If you are banned during the beta it may result in a ban after we go live.


What you need to connect:

  1. Download the FTB Client:
  2. Be sure to select the MindCrack Mod pack on the launcher before logging in.
  3. Server address:
  4. Some guides and info on how the mods work: (It is highly suggested to start out with industrial craft tutorial first.)

See you in game and have FUN!


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  1. skellitor301

    so far FTB has been enjoyable 😀

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