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Grief Prevention

To Protect your first Build:
- The first time you place a chest, GriefPrevention will automatically place a protection for you indicated by the gold corners. Those corners are part of your protection and are there to tell you the edge of your protection. The gold blocks are not actually there, they are just a visual on your screen and they will go away at times.

Extending your protection:
- To extend your protection, simply take out a STICK and right click the corner you want to move (right click the glowstone), then right click where you want to move that corner to. Assuming you have enough block allowance, the corner will be moved and your protection will be expanded

Additional protections:
- You can make additional protections using your STICK. Simply take out a stick and right click in one corner of your build, and then right click in the opposite corner of the build. The gold/glowstone corners will show up to indicate the protected areas.

Deleting a Protection:
- You can remove a protection by standing in the protection and typing /abandonclaim.


Add Players to my builds:
- To add another player to one of your builds, stand inside the protection and type /trust playername. They will only be added to the protection you are standing in.

- To add another player to ALL of your builds, stand outside your protections (in an unprotected area) and type /trust playername. They will be added to ALL of your protections

Trusting another player does NOT allow them to trust other players. As the protection owner, you are the ONLY person that can add people to that protection

- If you WANT to allow other players to add people to your protections, use /supertrust playername

- To untrust someone and remove them from your protection, use /untrust playername

Check to see if a build is protected:

- To check to see if a build is protected, and who it is protected by. Take out a BONE and right click the ground. If it is protected, it will tell you who protected it and how big the protection is. You can also use this to determine how much of your block allowance is being used on your protection, or to bring up the gold corners again.

Block Allowance

- Players will start with 100 Blocks. They can not protect more than 100 blocks when they first join. Over time you will get more blocks for continuing to play on the server (Veterans have been given a bonus in accordance with their Inquisitor Playtime). You will receive additional blocks at a rate of 25 per hour. You do not get blocks for idling on the server or just standing still and chatting.

For a full video tutorial, watch this video:

Changes to this video:
- Use a Stick instead of a Golden Shovel to move your protection
- Use a Bone instead of a Stick to check the protection
- Protections will go all the way to bedrock (instead of a few blocks down)
- Players get 25 Blocks per hour instead of 100

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