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The time has finally come; The long awaited addition of Factions to the Silver Towers Minecraft Server releases today at 11AM PST. We have spent a lot of time and effort creating the best Factions experience we could that is different from anything anyone else is doing … and we have finally reached the point that we can allow all of you to come to Factions and start having fun. There is a ton of stuff to do in Factions including Capturing Cities, Quests, Building your Faction, and sweet sweet Battle. We look forward to seeing you online!

Without further adieu, here are some of the features you can find in Factions World.


Instead of using the Factions Plugin to create Factions, we are using the Simple Clans plugin to create Clans. There are three Clans lead by three leaders whom were appointed by the community. Those Leaders are Dirtyarm, DSStriker06, and Sir_Luke. So upon joining Factions you may choose to follow one of these brave leaders to victory or death! Joining clans will be free for the first two weeks of the Factions Release and will cost the player $100 in game money after the two weeks has ended. In addition, in order to prevent Clan Hopping, players will be charged $1000 for leaving a Faction. It is possible that more clans will be created in the future as Factions becomes more popular



Quests have been added to Factions World, we will be debuting with approximately 50-60 Quests and more will be added as time goes on. All of the quests can be picked up from its respective Quest Giver (an NPC around the world). You can identify Quest Givers by the note symbol that pops up over their head (you need to have particles turned on in game in order to see these). Quests which CAN be repeated are repeatable every hour.

Major Quest Hubs

There are two major quest hubs in Factions World. These Quest Hubs are controlled by one faction at a time, and no other Faction may enter the area. In order to gain control of a Major Quest Hub, your faction needs to participate in an arena battle which occurs twice per day. Whichever Faction wins the arena, will claim control of the area until the next battle. This is critical because 90% of all the quests involve going to these Major Quest Hubs. When the Faction goes live, everyone should run to these areas and attempt to claim them for their faction. If you are the previous owner of this area, you must defend the Red Wool block and prevent other factions from destroying it. If you are not the previous owner and are trying to take control of the area, you need to break the Red Wool Block. The Block has 20 lives, so whichever Faction kills the Red Wool block the 20th time will take control of the area. If you are defending and you defend the block for 30 minutes without any faction killing it, then your faction will maintain control of the area until the next battle. These areas unlock on two separate schedules twice per day and can be claimed by two different factions (one faction may claim Olgdun and one may claim Shipwreck Cove, or one faction may claim both). Controlling one of these areas gives your faction a major advantage as you are the only faction who may enter the area to do quests or to turn in your quests.


The Dwarf City of Olgdun unlocks twice a day, at 1PM CST and 6PM CST. When the arena unlocks, you and your faction will need to travel into Olgdun and fight to control a Red Wool Block located in the City Basement.

The Dwarf City of Olgdun is run by a clan of Dwarves who are fighting those against them to maintain control of their lands. There are many quest givers in the basement of Olgdun who give a variety of quests. Helpful hint though, the Olgdun Miners HATE to be bothered while they are working and they really know how to swing those pickaxes.

olgdun1 olgdun2

Shipwreck Cove

The Pirate Island of Shipwreck Cove unlocks twice a day, at 3PM CST and 8PM CST. When the arena unlocks, you and your faction will need to travel to Shipwreck Cove and fight to control the Red Wool Block located on the Pirate Ship.

Shipwreck Cove is being overtaken by a group of Pirates trying to claim the island as their own, they were stranded on this island and are working to claim the land, fix their ship, and collect great and wonderful treasure. You can help them get back on their feet and get them the supplies they need to dominate and sail on. The clan of pirates is run by Capt. Ferdinand who rules them with an iron fist … and sword. Helpful hint, Shipwreck Cove is an island and can only be accessed by swimming or taking a boat. Ensure your faction has enough time to make it to Shipwreck Cove when fighting to claim the island.



In addition to the two main quest hubs, there will also be a series of smaller quest hubs called outposts. These outposts are scattered throughout the world and contain 3-5 Quests each. Some of these quests involve you traveling to other major quest hubs as well as other outposts. These outposts typically have 1-2 NPCs which give quests. These outposts include the Farm, Lumber Mill, Forge, Quarry, and Village. Unlike Olgdun and Shipwreck Cove, these are not captured by any particular faction and are available to anyone at any time. However, factions should be aware that PvP is lurking around every corner and their group may get ambushed at these locations. Travel safe!



So if you have been following the progress with our Factions Design and implementation, then you know we were not going to have any Protections for Factions World. We have changed this recently and the new plan is to utilize PreciousStones in Factions World to help you protect your Factions Base.

There is only one Protection Block available to you in Factions World, along with some of the utility blocks from Survival like Shockers, Prox Sensors, etc. This block is called a Faction Protection and the block it uses is an Obsidian Block. To protect your Faction area, you hold shift and place the Obsidian block on the ground. When you do, you will be charged $2500 and the block will show you a glassed off area that is protected by that block. If you break that block, you will be refunded half of your money and the protection will be destroyed.

This protection will do the following. In addition, if you are a member of a clan, your entire clan will automatically be added to every Protection Block you place.

  1. Your chests will be protected
  2. Players not in your Faction will not be able to use any Doors, Levers, Pressure Plates, or Buttons in your protected area.
  3. Your crops will not be able to be destroyed
  4. Your animals and Villagers will be unbillable
  5. No one outside your faction will be able to place or break blocks
  6. No one outside your faction will be able to force lava or water to flow into your base


Rules, Donator Perks, etc.


There are only a few rules in Factions World, in addition to the Server Rules that apply to the entire server.

  1. This world is 100% Grief Allowed. Meaning if you can touch it, you can break it (except for some server protected areas like Spawn, Olgdun, Shipwreck Cove, and Outposts.
  2. PvP is fully allowed in Factions World. There are NO Restrictions to PvP (The Survival PvP Rules do not apply in Factions World). You can expect that danger is lurking around every corner
  3. Everyone may participate in Factions except for Mods and Admins. Mods and Admins have certain abilities which make Factions gameplay unfair, therefore they may not join player Factions. However, if a mod or admin has an alt account which does not have Mod or Admin abilities, then they may join Factions on that separate account. Assistants may join Factions with no restrictions
  4. Although Mods and Admins may not join Factions, they may join the Staff Faction. The Staff Faction may step in at any time to help level the playing field if there is a Faction that is attempting to skirt or bypass the rules. The Staff Faction may use any means necessary to accomplish this at their own discretion.
  5. All Server Rules, aside from those specified above must be followed in Factions World as well, the only exception is the Grief Rule and the PvP Rules which are both listed above.

Donator Perks

Most of the Donator Perks have been removed in Factions World in order to make the gameplay fairer. The novelty perks like Disco Armor and colored signs will still function in Factions World, but other perks like Flying, Heal, Feed, etc. will not function in Factions World.

In addition, you will not be able to /back, teleport, set warps, set homes, etc.  While in Factions World. Therefore you will have to travel to every location either on foot or horseback. The only exception is that there is a built in home for your Faction base which you can go to whenever you want.

Live Map

Live Map has been disabled for Factions World, so you will not be able to find your opponents bases or outposts using the Live Map.


Factions World has its own Nether and End, so the Nether and End is not shared with Survival. Just like Survival World, the Factions Nether and End will be regenerated fairly often so don’t plan on building a base in there.


The Future

As we complete this update, we are already looking forward to what we will be releasing for the next update. We have a few updates which we intend to add before the release of 1.8, these items were scheduled for the Factions Release but did not happen in time. These items include

Ranks – Ranks will be similar to Donator Perks but they will give you bonus perks for spending time on the server, these can include time played, blocks broken, mobs killed, etc.

PvP Bounties – PvP Bounties would give players the ability to put a price on a players head in an effort to have that player killed.

Monthly Challenges and Events – We have a bunch of events that we are currently planning as well as the addition of Monthly Build Challenges, Factions Challenges, and Server Wide Events (Like the previously popular Sign Hunt and the Guardians Quest Line)

Hunger Games – Players like HungerGames and we have not spent too much time making this better. We plan on adding some maps and doing some tweaking to help make HungerGames more fun!

New Arenas – We plan on adding some Arenas and retiring some of the old Arenas to keep things interesting and fun.


In addition, we will be increasing the Survival and Factions World Border when 1.8 is released.


We invite everyone to come back to Silver Towers and help us celebrate the long awaited addition of the Silver Towers Factions Experience.


The Silver Towers Staff

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