At long last PVP on the Minecraft server has come! We’re changed a lot of things around on the server that many players will be use to find appealing. Mcmmo has been added to all main worlds and more! We are also working on adding factions and some cool extra features that will be RPG exclusive! If you are a donator be sure to check out the new perks we’ve added on our Donation page.



Main Changes to Minecraft server:


1. Outright Remove Some Worlds

RPG Nordic – Never really had a good following
RPG City World – Lost its flavor after a while
Strings of Time – You never actually saw this world, but it has been in development for a LONG time. Not really seeing much improvement or progress
RPG War – Never saw this either, but tillian has been working hard on it (See below for our plans for this world)

2. Merge RPG and Survival

Instead of managing a block of survival worlds, and a block of RPG Worlds, we are essentially removing the separation. This means a few things will change which were normally blocked by the separation of these worlds. So RPG Dungeon world would become “Dungeon World” and would share inventory with all other worlds (except those outlined below)
– Inventories will be able to cross “RPG” and “Survival” Worlds. (Except Apoc, Hub, Creative, and Hunger Games)
– MCMMO will function across all worlds (Except Creative) (MCMMO Levels would have to be wiped)
– Griefing would be disallowed in ALL Worlds (Including RPG). This would likely result in the Hawkeye Database being wiped for RPG Worlds so we could start enforcing this.
– PvP Would be Enabled in All Worlds
– Nether would be available across all worlds (Except Apoc)

3. Repurpose the base RPG World.

So as you read earlier, we would get rid of the separation of RPG and Survival Worlds. So what happens to the base RPG World? Well, some exciting things happen in RPG World. This world essentially gets to be used for all the fun addons that many players enjoy, but wouldn’t work well across the entire server.
– The contents of RPG War would be copied to RPG
– Additional plugins may be added which only function in RPG (Like Factions, or Magic, etc)

4. De-clutter Warp-zone

Obviously some portals would be removed from Warp Zone. These include the decommissioned worlds listed above (Nordic, City World, SoT, and RPG War). Also being removed from Warp Zone will be the Nether World Portal and the End World Portal.

Therefore, the final listing of worlds would be as follows

New Survival
Old Survival
Dungeon World
Creative Skylands
Skyblock (Islands)
Hunger Games
Hub World


DayZ server additions:


Just a quick list of some of the newest features we’ve added:


  • Helicopter spawn rates have been easily tripled
  • Self-Bloodbag is now working
  • new Anti-Cheat configured and installed.
  • Para-dropped vehicles that spawn near the coast to get  fresh spawned players inland.
  • New wardrobe perk has been added for donators allowing them to chose from over 15 different skins.



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