A lot has been going on behind the scenes on the MineCraft Server, and we are excited to tell you all about these new changes!


Voting System

First, the voting system has undergone a major overhaul to be more convenient and a whole lot more rewarding. Players no longer have to go to the Silver Towers Website to do their voting and dont have to worry about confusing reward redemptions.

When you join the server, you will now be greeted with a vote screen with 5 links on it. All you have to do is click each link and complete your vote (after providing your in game name and completing the Captcha Check); you will receive your reward automatically, assuming you entered your in game name correctly. Each vote gets you $10, so you can get up to $50 per day just from voting … but there is more!

At certain voting milestones, you will receive a bonus Voter Crate (It looks like a Bedrock Block). When you try and place the bedrock block o the ground, a Menu will pop up giving you 9 randomly mixed Crate Choices, pick one and receive your loot! Crates are guaranteed to give 5 Diamonds, plus a chance at Enchanted Weapons and Armor, Custom Potions, Player Heads, Additional Crates, and more! Finally, voting resets every month so you can get the rewards all over again!

Since this voting overhaul went live (a few weeks ago), we have already had a strong increase in all of our rankings on popular voting sites and have had a strong increase in players coming to the server, keep it up and keep voting!


Rank System

For a long time players have been begging us to add a Rank System to the MineCraft Server, well … we finally did! The rank system has 10 ranks and is very simple to use, all you need to do is gather up the required amount of money and then type /rankup. You will then be given extra perks like customizable non combat pets, extra homes, ridable mounts, extra claim blocks, and more!

For a list of all the ranks, how much they cost, and what perks you get, browse to http://skgaming.net/ranks.


More to Come!

Those are both some pretty major changes, but that is NOTHING compared to what we have on the way! Stay tuned for more information, there are some really exciting features coming in on the horizon.

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