As you may have realized by now, we are in the middle of making some serious changes to the Minecraft Server to make things more enjoyable and fun as well as to keep players interested and coming back. Our first new addition in this wave of changes was the return of Build Contests, if you did not see that post you can find it Here.


Today we have added a second major feature to the server which we are calling “Feature World”. Feature world will bring back some of the maps that you all loved playing before like Apocalypse, City World, Nordic, etc. These maps will stay live for a month before being wiped and replaced with something different. To start, we are featuring “Survival Amplified” as our first feature. So for the next month (or longer if it remains popular), players can go to Survival Amplified to build and have fun! All your items from Survival will cross into Survival Amplified so you can bring your materials with you and start building right away.


Feature World will remain as Survival Amplified for a minimum of one month, but may be extended if it is still popular after a month. Once the Amplified world is starting to lose popularity we will erase the map (and anything in it) and replace it with our next feature map. So the moral of the story is dont get too attached to Feature World Builds because at the end of the maps rotation, it will be removed.


Dig on and have fun!


Also, this is just the second of a series of changes that are coming to the server. Stay tuned as we release new stuff and rework some of the stuff already on the server. We intend on attacking Player Protections, Factions World revamps, and the Return of Biome Warps soon.

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