Now that new spawn has been officially completed. We are starting a brand new contest.

Hidden around Spawn are 10 Signs. For each sign you are the first person to find, you will get $5 added to your donations. So if you have never donated, then you get VIP Access. If you have donated, you get $5 added to what you already donated, which may move you up to the next tier. Prizes only go to the FIRST person to find the sign. A sign will be placed next to found signs to indicate that they have been claimed.

Staff Members are disqualified, along with anyone who has already donated over $100 (Sorry Kat and Jib). In addition, teams that find signs will need to designate ONE person to receive the $5 in Donation Perks. Below is a picture of an example sign.


If you find a sign that has not been claimed, take a screenshot of the sign and post it in the comments on this post. Once I have verified that you truly found that sign, you will receive your prize! The prize goes to the first person to post their screenshot in the forums (The post can be found here:   ) EVEN IF A STAFF MEMBER IS ONLINE WHEN YOU FIND THE SIGN, ONLY SCREENSHOTS SUBMITTED TO THE FORUMS WILL COUNT!!!!!


I will also update the list below as the signs are found.

1. Sir_Luke claimed this Sign

2. Wikedz99 Claimed this Sign

3. Unclaimed

4. Unclaimed

5. DSStriker006 Claimed this Sign

6. Jakestar30 Claimed this Sign

7. Monopoly_Money Claimed this Sign

8. Gato70 Claimed this SIgn

9. Smartguy22 Claimed this Sign

10. Sir_Luke claimed this Sign


Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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