I am happy to officially announce the launch of our latest build protection system for players. I am sure many of you may have noticed new notifications on the server while using certain items. This is all part of a simple protections system called grief prevention. This plugin grants players the ability to claim and protect areas automatically without needing staff involvement. Grief prevention allows players to accumulate more area to use in their protections just by logging in and playing the game! Our veteran players will be pleased to know that we have imported the logged in hours of all players since December of 2012!


Breakdown of major features:

  • Protections are completely FREE to use!
  • You can create their own protections without needing staff.
  • Everyone can easily add/remove friends from their protections at anytime.
  • It’s easy to make your claims larger or even remove them yourself.
  • Enlarging a claim is as easy as TWO mouse clicks, simplicity at its finest.
  • You can make as many claims as you like as long as you have the allowance for it.
  • All protections are bedrock to the sky’s limit.
  • Forget how to use it? Just ask “How do I protect my builds?” in chat and the plugin will show you how!


Tutorials and how-to:

A break down of how to use the plugin can be found on the forums below:



A few videos have also been made to show players how to use and modify protections.

[framed_video column=”third-width”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0[/framed_video]


Keep in mind our server varies from the video!

  • Use a Bone instead of String to check blocks
  • Wooden Doors, Trap doors, and Fence gates are locked and not public
  • TNT is still disabled
  • Use a Stick instead of Golden Shovel

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