Game Updates

Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes on the DayZ server.

If you haven’t stopped in yet, now is a great time to come join the fun! Many players have discovered our server as a great place to play. Weekends have seen upwards of 15+ players. The server has also become extremely modified and offers a huge range of features not found elsewhere.

DayZ Server Features:

Tons of custom vehicle spawns! Extra vehicles like Ospreys and Chinooks !

  • 250+ Custom added buildings including airports and military bases!
  • Unique bots(NPCs) including heli patrols! (Snipers removed!)
  • Auto-fueling & Vehicle part salvage scripts.
  • Airlift and tow vehicles.
  • Increased heli-crash spawn rates. Care packages.
  • Private anti-hack system.
  • Much more!

FTB Server:

FTB has gone fully live! If minecraft feels like it needs a new twist we HIGHLY encourage you to give the server a try. You’ll need a special FTB minecraft launcher to enter the server! Here’s how!

To join FTB server:

  1. Download the FTB Client:
  2. Be sure to select the MindCrack Mod pack on the launcher before logging in.
  3. Server address:
  4. Some guides and info on how the mods work: (It is highly suggested to start out with industrial craft tutorial first.)

That is all for now guys! Comments? Questions? Issues? Leave them below!

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