In the history of this community there has never been an update of this magnitude. The new server box is live! We have begun to add new worlds and spawns to the server, be sure to check out the server map for a complete list!

First off be sure to /spawn and check out our brand new spawn world, there is tons to see, even more to do, and a great way to learn about the server as well!

New Worlds:

  • RPG_Nodric
  • RPG_CityWorld
  • RPG_Dungeon
  • World_2
  • HUB
  • and more to come!

To take a tour of all our worlds be sure to check out the WarpZone in the new spawn (/warp WarpZone). Expect to see posts on full world highlights and features soon! Any worlds under the name RPG_ will be linked to the PVP enabled RPG worlds, if you haven’t been stocking up supplies there now is great time!

With the new server it isn’t just super fast performance we’ll be getting, be sure to check out the stats tab above to see what I think is our coolest new feature yet! Be sure to log in and start ranking up your stats!


While we have added many new things and transferred literally everything from the old server, there were a few snags. Here is what’s up.


  • Hawkeye history is down but new logs are still being made.
  • Tags: VIPs may notice their tags missing in some worlds; try and use /jchat refresh to fix it.
  • Server Map: The server map will need to re-render our world all over again. I will be running these renders one world at a time over the next few days.
  • You tell me! Report bugs on the forums!


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