MineCraft Server Rules

General Rules

1. No Griefing

The following are all considered to be griefing and are not allowed in the Survival World

1. Breaking/Destroying/Modifying anything another player has created.

2. Adding to a player’s creation without their permission

3. Killing/Stealing/Releasing animals owned by another player

4. Bypassing Player Protections. This includes placing pressure plates and levers next to locked doors and also includes breaking the blocks around a locked door to get in.

5. Exploiting glitches and vulnerabilities to bypass something which would otherwise be locked.


1. Wolves and Horses may be killed if the player is using them in combat/PVP.

2. If you allow someone into your protections, and they loot or grief you … you are on your own. No action will be taken against the offender.

3. Unlocked Doors, Chests, Furnaces, etc. may be used and/or looted by anyone provided that they do not violate any of the rules above.

2. Be respectful to server staff and players

Swearing is Allowed and Encouraged; however, we encourage everyone to be respectful to other players and especially staff. Please refrain from antagonizing and harassing other players or name calling. We do understand that some people talk like this to their friends and such intentionally, we ask that you keep that to private messages and not in global chat for everyone to see. In addition, we also have women that play on this server, so keep in mind that some lines of conversation may not be appropriate for women (i.e. Don’t harass the ladies). If the staff feels you are going too far you will be asked to stop and/or may get muted or jailed.

3. No Advertising Other Servers

Do not come on our server to promote your own or other servers. You will only look desperate and the fact that you are doing this means your server sucks anyways.

4. Do not ask staff for spawned items or to be a staff member

This is a game about survival, so play it how it is intended. If you need items, you can buy them from the player shops or from other players, do not beg staff members to give you items. Also, we will NEVER just give a player assistant, mod, admin, or OP when they ask for it. Info for applying for a Silver Towers Staff position can be found in the Join Our Team Section of the Forums (Click Here).

5. No hacking/mods/macros

Mods, Macros, and Hacked Clients are strictly forbidden. If you are caught using any of these, you will be banned on the spot. This includes anything which allows you to do something which the game does not allow (e.g. flying, xray, auto mining, etc.). The only exceptions to this are the use of Texture/Resource Packs as well as Optifine.

6. Spam / Hate Speech

Hate Speech and Racial Slurs are strictly forbidden. In addition, do not spam chat or teleport requests. As with Rule #2, we understand that some people use this kind of language with their friends, we ask that you keep those conversations to private messages and not in global chat where everyone can see it.

7. Mob Farms

You may encase or surround world spawned mob spawners, such as the ones you find in dungeons, caves, and the nether as a method to keep the spawned mobs in a confined location (i.e. putting some kind of “fence” around a mob spawner to stop mobs from leaving the area). However, you may not force the mobs in a certain direction; this includes, but is not limited to, redstone contraptions, drowning, forcing mobs to fall a distance, or forcing mobs a certain direction with water. In addition, you may not build your own mob farms such as iron golem farms, villager farms, enderman farms, and zombie pigmen farms. Mob Farms which violate this rule will be removed. The Staff reserves the right to make the determination as to whether or not the mob farm is legal and take action at their own discretion.

8. You are responsible for knowing the rules!

You are responsible for reading and understanding the rules! If you are unsure about a rule or don’t understand, then please ask any Silver Towers Staff Member for help! We will be more than happy to help you out! If any rules change, the Staff will make every attempt to ensure that everyone knows that the rules have changed before taking action against players. However, we advertise the rules in a variety of different ways (forums, website, in game, etc), so not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules.

9. Unwritten Rules/Staff Disclaimers

It is highly possible that situations will occur which are not covered by one of the above rules, these situations will be handled on a case by case basis and the outcome is at the discretion of the Staff. The staff reserve the right to take action against those exploiting or skirting around the rules for their own benefit.


If you feel you were wrongly banned or punished, you may file a Ban Appeal by clicking the following link or going to the Ban Appeals Section on the forums (Click Here). Be sure to read everything in the Ban Appeals Section before filing your Ban Appeal.


All staff decisions are between the Staff Member handling the situation and the player whom the action was against, do not intervene with other player’s situations or beg Staff to unban players. The player can use the above Ban Appeal process if they want to get unbanned.


Teamspeak Rules:

Everyone is allowed and encouraged to use the Silver Towers TeamSpeak Server.

TeamSpeak is separated into two types of channels, Mature/Adult and Youth.

If you are in a Mature/Adult channel, you are allowed to say anything you want. Younger players and those who may be offended should not join a Mature/Adult Channel.

While in a Youth Channel, you should keep your conversations PG. Players should also refrain from swearing in Youth Channels.

Any channel which is not marked Mature/Adult or Youth is expected to follow the same rules as the MineCraft Server (with regards to Hatespeech, respecting players, etc. Swearing is allowed in unmarked channels.

PVP Rules – PVP only enabled in RPG based worlds.

All rules carry a 3 day ban unless otherwise stated. Repeated offences will result in perm ban.

These PvP Rules apply to Survival Worlds only. Factions World has no PvP Rules or restrictions.

Command Cooldowns:

While PvPing, you may not use certain commands such as /spawn, /home, /back, /tpa, /fly, etc. Initiating PvP or taking damage as a result of PvP will lock you out of using any of these commands for 60 seconds. In addition, if you log out while being attacked then your character will be automatically killed upon exiting the game.

Attacking another players home or territory. There must not be more attackers than defenders unless agreed apon prior. After engaging another player, there will be a 60 second cooldown for /back. You may not kill the same player more than 3 consecutive times per attack session. Limit 2 attack sessions per day per player.

Equal Sides

In order to keep PvP fair, there may never be more attackers than defenders (i.e. double teaming and triple teaming) unless agreed to beforehand. There may however, be more defenders than attackers. So a group of 2 attackers can attack a group of 3, but a group of 3 attackers may not attack a group of 2.


Looting unlocked chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers, etc. is allowed, though we encourage players to not be complete douchebags about it. In addition, if you allow someone into your locked chests or other lockable device and they loot you, then you are on your own and no action will be taken against the looter. Essentially, any chest you can open without breaking any of the other server rules is fair game. However, if you break another rule in an effort to get to an unlocked chest then the staff will take action against the looter.


If you accept a teleport from a player and they immediately kill you, you are on your own and no action will be taken against that player. However, if you teleport another player to you and then you both start attacking another player, this is considered a 2v1 attack and violates the “Equal Sides” Rule.



If you or someone else on the server is a victim of any of these rules, you MUST take screenshots of the action and post them, along with a detailed description of what happened, on the Forums in the “Griever Report” Section (Click Here). Another staff member will review your screenshots and read your detailed description and then decide what action to take. This is completely at the staff members discretion.


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