As many of you know, the Silver Towers Community is constantly striving to make our server the best it can be. As such we are always looking for ways to improve upon things and change our policies to better adapt what is needed by the community. As such, we have a series of changes we will be making effective tomorrow as a means to resolve some of the long standing conflicts and issues which have been around on the server for the past weeks, months, and even years. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do what we can to make your gameplay experience the best it can be.


Rules Changes

In an effort to establish rules that better protect the community and also make the staff’s lives easier, the following rule changes will be made for clarity. The former rule set has been condensed into the following 7 rules.

No Griefing. The Griefing Rule will now prohibit the following actions in another player’s area without their express written permission. This written permission should be submitted to Silver Towers Staff for processing no later than 14 business days before the player is intended to begin work on your area.

  • Placing Blocks and Breaking Blocks
  • Releasing, Killing, Feeding, Breeding, or Petting another player’s animals
  • Walking within 30 Blocks of the player’s build
  • The use of any levers, buttons, pressure plates, doors, or trap doors which look like they may belong to another player
  • Being within the game’s viewing distance of another player’s build. Players can adjust their viewing distance to remain in compliance.
  • Building another building that looks more than 90% similar to another player’s build.
  • Chopping down trees in another player’s yard
  • Using another player’s fence and yard as a means to gain access to an area on the other side of their home
  • Tormenting the player’s pets or tapping on glass windows
  • Knocking to see if anyone is home or ringing the player’s doorbell
  • Attempting to sell items door to door while the player has a posted No Trespassing Sign
  • Attempting to sell items door to door even in situations where the player does not have a No Trespassing Sign. The only exception is if you are selling Girl Scout Cookies, and you have in your possession Greater than 5 Boxes of Thin Mints.
  • Allowing your Horse or Wolf to do its business in another player’s yard
  • Trimming your neighbors hedges
  • Stealing or moving another player’s flood lamp which they have in their yard, regardless of which direction it is pointing. This is a safety concern.
  • Picking flowers from the player’s yard, regardless of how hot the girl is that you are giving the flowers to.

Redstone Wiring Operations. All underground redstone mechanisms and wiring must be pre-approved by the RSA (Redstone Safety Administration). An auditor will make an appointment with you to stop by your residence and will conduct a routine safety evaluation to determine if your redstone wiring is within code. If your wiring project fails, you will be required to dismantle and re-wire your redstone contraption to bring it into code. The auditor will conduct no more than 3 evaluations. If all evaluations fail, then your redstone wiring will need to be removed permanently

Permits. All building projects now require a Permit. Permits can be purchased from the Server Inspector for $750. A permit is required for every build before you begin as well as an additional permit for any additions to your current build (Addition Permits will be sold by the Server Inspector for $350). Additional Permits will be required for housing animals, use of farm space, housing food items both raw and cooked, as well as any structures larger than 30 cubic blocks.

Hate speech and Spam. Due to growing concerns and unfamiliarity with the ins and outs of our Hate speech and Spam rules, Chat is now restricted. Players can access chat by purchasing a Chat License from the Server Speech Coordinator for $800. Players will have to sign a written contract, counter-signed by their parents, and submit no later than 15 Business Days before you intend to utilize Chat. There will also be a monthly upkeep fee to maintain your Chat License, purchasable from the Server Speech Coordinator for $450.

You are responsible for knowing the rules. In order to guarantee that all players know the rules, you will now be presented with an in game quiz every hour of gameplay. This quiz will consist of 20 questions regarding the rules of the server. Failure to meet a minimum score of 98% will result in the player being banned permanently. Every month, players will be required to take the full 200 Question Exam to maintain access to the server. An additional supplemental quiz of 15 Questions Each will be required monthly to maintain any Permits or Licenses you own (Includes all Building Permits, Animal Housing Permits, and Chat Licenses).


PvP – PvP will continue to be allowed in all worlds with the following stipulations. Players must submit a written request to initiate combat to the Server PvP Administrator no later than 10 Business Days before the intended start of combat. The form should include your player name, the name of the player or players whom you desire to initiate combat with, your justification for the combat event, and the proposed date and time that such combat should occur. In addition, you are required to submit a Post Combat Evaluation indicating the approximate value of the items you retrieved from the rival player as part of this combat session. The items and xp you retrieved will be taxed at a rate of 46% by the Server Tax Coordinator. This taxed earnings will be submitted to the Silver Towers Slush Fund which funds Admin Parties and Strip Clubs.

Tax Contributions. In order to maintain a healthy economy, all players will be taxed for various activities performed on the server. Some of the taxable items include Mall Transactions, PvP Combat, monetary gifts from another player, Looted Items from another player’s chests, Fees paid on Permits and Licenses, and any transactions between you and another player. These fees will be paid to the Server Slush Fund which funds Admin Parties and Strip Clubs.


In addition to Rule Changes, we will also be making the following Staff Changes. The following changes are due to the fact that many of the staff are becoming overly stressed as part of their day to day server activities. These Staff Changes should alleviate some of these stressful items by distributing the load across many people.

The following people will be removed from their Staff Roles effective April 2nd, 2014.













In their place, 3 Admins will be appointed every week on Wednesday. Those Admins will be required to drop any previous plans (work, school, parties, events, etc.) and be available on the server a minimum of 15 Hours every day during their shift. These Admins will transition themselves to the new Admins on Tuesday Night from 11PM to midnight. At Midnight, the new Admins will begin their shift. Beginning tonight at midnight, the following people will be on shift as Admins.





These player’s will be given OP which they are expected to use maturely for any activities needed. There will be no oversight on this, so this will use the Honor System.


Server Whitelist/Slot Reservations

As I am sure everyone is aware, the server has far too many people on at any given time which is creating multiple issues. Some of these issues include, inability for Staff to attend to the needs of so many people, multiple people carrying on multiple conversations in chat, general player neediness, and overall player fun. In order to alleviate this, we are moving to a Slot Reservation System. Players will be able to request a slot on the server for a specified date, they will have access to the server for the assigned date. Player’s must request slots 3 weeks in advance and will receive an email confirmation when their slot is reserved. If the player does not show up on the day they have a reservation, they will be charged a $1700 allocation fee and restricted from requesting a slot reservation for 3 months.


Too Many Worlds

We have been made aware that there are far too many worlds on the server and that we need to limit them significantly. Therefore the following worlds will be permanently deleted, there will be no access to these worlds as of Friday April 4th, 2014. Failure to move any items to an approved world will result in the loss of these items.


Survival Nether

Survival End


Factions Nether

Factions End


Creative Amplified


Arena World

Hunger Games.


Therefore, the following are the approved worlds that players may play in

Hub World (Old Spawn)


Not Enough Worlds

In addition to the complaints of too many Worlds, we are also hearing complaints that there are not enough worlds. Therefore, to ease this pain we are adding back the following previous worlds which were removed in previous updates.

City World

Old Survival Nether

Old Survival End


In addition, Old Survival Nether and End will be regenerated to create a brand new gameplay experience. These worlds will also have 250 Block Radius World Border on them to keep players close. These borders will never be expanded ever



TNT is going to be enabled in all worlds with the following restrictions:


TNT may not be placed in an area inhabited by other players or nearby woodland creatures (Animals).

Players must purchase a Demolition Permit before using TNT

Player’s must promise not to blow anyone’s build up, this will use the honor system. No punishment will be allocated for violation of this offense

TNT may not be lit with Flint and steel as it is an unsafe practice which requires the player to be too close to the ignition source and the blast.

TNT must be covered in water before the TNT explodes to prevent damage to the surrounding environment and ecosystem.


The Archive Server will be brought online:

Due to underwhelming use of the Archive Server, the Archive Server will be brought offline and will no longer be accessible.


FTP Access and Plugins:

In order to allow players to have whatever experience they want, FTP Access to the server will be opened up for all player’s so they can install whatever plugins they want or get rid of any plugins they don’t like. This will create a fully custom gameplay experience for the entire community.


Server Subscription:

Donations aren’t paying the bills so all players will be required to pay a $15 monthly subscription to maintain access to the server. Paying this monthly subscription will help to sustain the server as well as ensure that the previous staff who were all removed can afford to go to a steakhouse for lunch and dinner every day for the rest of their lives.


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this and as my last day as staff, thank you for everything.

The Silver Towers Gaming Community

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