Silver Towers Gaming Community

Staff Members

Members of the Silver Towers Gaming Community are required to respect and listen to all Staff Members, including Mods and Assistants. Staff Members can assist you with any issues you are having on the server, or if you just need some help getting started or getting something to work. We hope that you enjoy your stay.


Admins help keep the server running, they make all the tough decisions, decide who the staff will be, and make changes to the server as necessary. The Admins dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that the server is always running and that the players are getting what they need.








Mods assist the admins in anything they may need. They have many of the abilities that Admins have including rolling back grief, banning people from the server, protecting builds, etc. The Mods can help you with most anything that an Assistant cant do for you, though some things require the attention of an Admin.




Assistants are the new recruits. They are staff members with limited abilities and their role is to help new players get started and learn the rules. They are also staff members, which means you should to listen to them just as you would a Mod or Admin.



Interested in joining the staff? Apply on the forums if you think you are up to the task. Be sure to read the rules and requirements of being staff before you apply though.

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