Howdy Everyone!

This is just a small post to let you know some new additions and minor changes we’ve made to the server and new ones we will be introducing here. Be sure to let us know about any questions you may have via the forums.


Minor Changes:

  • The admin shop now sells netherskulls for 2k each. Use “/warp adminshop” to buy.
  • Allowed Pistons outside of Land Claims (Grief Prevention).
  • Skywars has been removed for the time being to fix lag.
  • Mobs dropping glitched money (gold nuggets) should hopefully occur less now.
  • Minigames Lobby have been recreated, use ‘warp games’ to browse all our game types!
  • Dirtyarm is now a rare boss in survival world can will attack players at night time.
  • The new banished world for players breaking the rules has been added, and stocked with Dirtyarms that will hunt the player down.
  • Skyblock now proudly displays the top four island owners at its spawn.

New Plugins:

Decoration Blocks:

This is an exciting new plugin that I think our players will love. We’d added a virtual shop where players can buy decorations in the form of player heads to give their homes more style! You can browse the store just by using the ‘/headshop’ command. Since pictures speak louder than words here is an example:


A new duel plugin has been added but we are going to be doing more testing before we release it due to some last minute issues. An announcement will be made when it returns.

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