AWWWWWW YEAAAHH! It’s that time of year again! Time to go outside and have the best snowball fight the neighborhood has ever seen! Except it’s cold. There’s not enough snow. And you live on a farm. Did we mention it’s cold? What a bad idea. BUT WAIT! You could just go inside, hop onto Mincecraft, and build the best snowball arena anyone has ever seen! DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWBALL ARENAAAAAA?!?! I’m Sorry. Builds must be made mostly out of snow, ice, and/or water. This contest will start Saturday December 12th and will end on Saturday January 10th. There will be Five Winners and prizes will be Doubled for this contest! Also, there will be an awesome snowball fight in the winning builds! So get out that eggnog, take off those banana fingers you call gloves, and start building!

We are working on getting a full 1.8 build out asap, so please be patient! It should be arriving soon 😀

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